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A Waldorf Halloween

Posted by sunshine-dayhome on October 31, 2014 at 2:30 PM

How lucky are we to have Halloween on a warm, snow-free Friday this year! The children are very excited about celebrating tonight, and we started by having delicious Halloween treats - monster-eye pretzels, roasted pumpkin seeds, and bread snake. Liam said, "I love snake for lunch!". The Waldorf Halloween treats are hand-made with the children, and are very low in sugar and processing (the pretzel eyes have the most, with white chocolate and a sprinkle for the iris).


I spent a lot of time and thought last year into planning and offering a spook-free, Waldorf Halloween environment. I do love this holiday, it is my very favorite, but I am not a fan of terrified children, or having items around which may cause nightmares or inappropriate fear. Ideas include wooden snakes, a vague with figure and two children (Hansel and Gretel), a dressed-up teddy, and more. This is what I have prepared for the children.


Some of these items, like the labelled wine bottles and decorative glasses, are strictly ornamental, but all of the others are meant to be played with. We have stuffed pumpkins of felt and cloth, real pumpkins, plain and decorated, and little witch and warlock dolls. There are hand-made peg dolls - witches, ghosts, a black cat, and more - as well as a pirate play corner with wooden swords, sparkling gems and coins, and soft pirate hooks to hold. The items which are the most fun for the children are the potion sets. One consists of Pyrex beakers in fun sizes, that they mix and develop "potions" in the bathroom with using food dye or marker dipped into the water (Kaliana's invention). The other is a set of sealed, clear bottles, filled with different potion ingredients. To complete the set is a black "cauldron" and wooden mixing spoon. To my surprise, it is the youngest of the crew that enjoys these the most - Saxon and Nixon have spent hours dumping the ingredients into the pot and stirring them around!

I wish you all a Happy Halloween, Waldorf-style!

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