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Feeding the Birds

Posted by sunshine-dayhome on November 14, 2014 at 2:55 PM

As winter settles down upon us, our feathered friends are having a hard time finding food. Since the children so enjoy watching the birds fly and eat and sing outside, this week we created natural treats for them to enjoy!


The first idea came from Kaliana's Sparks group. It is so simple and easy that my 15-month-old could do it mostly on his own. You spread a pine cone with nut butter, and roll it in birdseed! I bought the seeds at Edmonton's Wild Bird General Store, which I highly recommend to anyone who loves birds. One really fun thing there is that each type of seed has a list of the birds it is likely to attract, so you can try to invite specific species into your yard.


The other food we offered is in the form of a bird restaurant. This is a super-fun idea, where you offer several different types of food (fruit, seeds, nuts, etc.) and watch to see which birds are most attracted to them! A good way to see if the signs in the store are true, and a first scientific study for the older children, we now have one in the front and back yards. The birds have not discovered them yet, but when they do the children and I will be delighted!

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