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Seasonal Activities

Posted by sunshine-dayhome on December 12, 2014 at 2:45 PM

This week the children had fun designing Borax snow flakes. I made an S for Saxon, and Liam and Kai twisted their pipe cleaners into fun, unique shapes. The rest is simple; you mix 3 tablespoons Borax for every cup of warm water, and then dangle the figures in a non-metal container for 24 hours. If you use clear glass, you can see the crystals form! The result is a beautiful, crystalline decoration that will last for years. 


One of the items which had the boys rapt this week was this German smoker. I grew up with one like this, and so it is a very special treat for me to share this with these young ones. You light an incense cone in the base, and then watch Santa puff away as the room fills with the beautiful Christmas scent of woodsy incense. As a bonus, it fits right in with Liam's goal of many smells!


Every year, I set out a bowl of nuts in their shell. My children were too young to properly use those metal nut crackers, and I have never liked them - too many slipped nuts and pinched fingers! These wooden mushroom crackers, though, a re perfect. The nuts can't roll away, the mess is contained, and even a three-year-old can manage the task on their own.  Best of all, the children love to eat their freshly cracked nuts - a great source of fibre and protein!

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