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Free Reading

Posted by sunshine-dayhome on January 23, 2015 at 3:15 PM

I so value free play, and am always delighted to peek in on the children as they go about their activities and catch a glimpse of what they are learning that day. This week, reading was a big interest to the gang. Every morning there were at least two children curled up on the couch with a book! I keep many picture books, board books, and a wildlife encyclopedia out for them at all times, so when the urge strikes, there is always an interesting book there for them to pick up. These early literacy skills are so important, and so is seeding in them a deep interest in books, and a curiosity that books can help satisfy.

We also did a painting project this week. They were very engaged, and mixing lots of colours together. I was able to see how the children have progressed over time; Nixon no longer tries to eat the paint (yay!), and Kai can produce recognizable figures!

To round out our play, I brought out the Flubber that was made a couple of months ago. They were very excited about how it stretches and rips, and we even blew some huge bubbles in it using straws! Next week, though, it's back to play dough for us - Liam and Kai insist. :)

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