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Garden Update

Posted by sunshine-dayhome on July 31, 2015 at 2:25 PM

Oh, the garden. This is absolutely the biggest outdoor highlight of the year for me, and a lot of the pleasure I get from it is what the children bring and gain. From selecting the seeds to helping plant them, through teaching the children not to pick green tomatoes and that, usually, only Laura weeds; including watching them play in the beanpole teepee and eat fresh picked produce we have nurtured together - I love every step along the way.

This year in particular, the garden has flourished spectacularly. There is a sunflower that is honestly 10 or 12 feet high, and those big yellow flowers are blooming already! The children love to peer into their sunny faces, and soon enough shall be eating their delicious seeds. The tomatoes are also really coming along; they are absolutely huge, and we have all enjoyed juicy cherry tomatoes, right from the vine. Nixon is the one exception to this; he takes one bite and spits the rest out! Saxon, though, eats them like candy, and they are all learning their colours as we distinguish red and rip, green and not ready for picking.

Finally, the beanpole teepee. A natural window has formed this year that the young ones love playing peek-a-boo through. Kali is shown filling her basket with Blue Lake Pole beans, and you can see the corn coming along nicely behind the wall of peas. I love this green lushness, and so do they!


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