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Winter Fun

Posted by sunshine-dayhome on January 27, 2017 at 2:35 PM

At Sunshine Dayhome, we play outside every single day. The only days we stay inside is when severe weather, like temperatures below 20 degrees Celsius with the wind chill factor, keep us in. In summer we are outside for six out of eight hours, just coming in to rest and nap away from the intense mid day sun. In the winter that time shrinks down to thirty or forty minutes, but it is still such a valuable time for us. I learned accidentally that leaving out summer play props like our hammock and rope ladder provide awesome incentive for outdoor winter fun!

In the winter, we can find many things to do to keep busy. We look for animals tracks, and make our own tracks in the snow. We can build snowballs, snow angels, snow men, or just watch the birds and planes flying in the sky. Playing with natural items as loose parts play is always a hit, and you just to find a good stick, rock, feather, or pinecone to have that play happen. I love how it spurs their creativity!

Though it can be harder to move your body when you are encased in layers of thick protective padding against the cold, by providing items like these awesome plasma cars I find the children stay motivated to move their bodies all year round. The fresh air, natural scenery, direct sunlight, and big body play does wonders for their bodies and I can see them shine and smile when we are fully played out and ready to come back inside. Let the snow come, we want it to play!

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