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Valentine's Day Crafts

Posted by sunshine-dayhome on February 10, 2017 at 2:10 PM

I love celebrating seasonal festivities with the children, and with Valentine's Day coming up next week I decided to focus our attentions on that theme. We tried out two different types of crafts this week, both using prints taken from our own bodies - hands, feet, and lips, to be exact! The children were overjoyed to have their toes and fingers painted; they loved the one-on-one attention they got, the cool tickly sensation of the paint being brushed on, and the gorgeous images that were created using only their hands and feet. Here's one of the gang showing off his cute tootsies!

This is what they looked like when they were done. I am really glad that the red glitter stuck to their foot prints so well; I love the contrast of the red on the dark paper. The lettering around the footprint heart says, "From the top of my head to the tips of my toes, I love you!". I'm a big fan of doing footprint or handprint crafts a couple of times a year, because as a mother I really appreciate having those to look back on as my children get older (did you know Kaliana is 10 already?!?).

The other craft took a bit more preparation. I thought last year about how cute it would be if we could make lipstick kisses to give to the parents, but couldn't figure out a sanitary way to do so. This is where having family in town comes in handy! My wonderful Grandma Kay sells Avon, and luckily for me she had a whole bag of sample sized lipsticks we could use. The children were so happy to do this! They were very interested in making kissy faces, having lipstick applied "just like Mommy", and then kissing their paper to make gorgeous prints. I made sure to wipe it all off right after just in case of any sensitivities, and because the samples were meant to be one-use only we tossed them when we were done. I love how they turned out! Before sending them home I will give them a light spray wth hairpspray just to make sure the cute kisses don't smear. Yay for adorable child-sized hearts and kisses, and Happy Valentine's Day!!

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