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Posted by sunshine-dayhome on February 20, 2015 at 2:55 PM

While I was reviewing my blog, I realized that, by trying to capture everything that has gone on in the week, I have actually missed out on a lot of detail and information behind the images you see. For the time being, I am going to concentrate on just one event per week, so that I can tie in my life goal of simplicity, while deepening the knowledge and understanding of what goes on here. This week's topic is painting.

I have been attempting to paint with the children each week, in a variety of ways. We have painted with glitter, painted with real watercolours, painted with acrylics, and painted with tempera paint. This week, we tried a rainbow paint kit that has been in our family since Kaliana was only 3. Here she is now, almost 8 and a half, creating a beautiful butterfly.

This is the work of an older child. He was so pleased that he made brown! I love teaching primary and secondary colours not by demonstration, but by providing opportunity for hands-on experience. They really liked covering the entire paper, creating colour that went everywhere. The chose their colours, and mixed and blended them as they pleased.

While I love the authenticity and real feel of using watercolour paper, it is so expensive that it really only makes sense to have the children create one image each, as they do in kinder and grade school at the WISE, where my children attend. For these young ones, though, they need to be embedded in process, rather than product. They need time and space to create, and to try again, and again, and again. They need to burrow under mounds of paintings, and then pick the perfect one to take home or put on our art wall. I will honor their age and needs by staying away from "real" watercolour painting, in favor of a method which meets them where they are, where they need to be. Here is a final image capturing some of their creations. 


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