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Lemon Loaf

Posted by sunshine-dayhome on July 24, 2015 at 2:30 PM

This week has been a bit slow and rainy, which is sometimes a nice change of pace in our busy, hot summers. Throughout the school year, we bake each week, but in the summer we are often outside more and baking less. Because of that, I decided that when we do cook together, we will make double batches so we can always have fresh baking without preservatives to look forward to - and this week, it was lemon loaf.

Apparently I haven't baked with Ben very often, because he was ecstatic about the whole thing! He was so excited about each step: adding the eggs, mixing the butter and sugar together, even pouring in the vanilla was a reason to celebrate. He kept saying, "Wow, I can't believe it! Wow!". He was also really using his vocabulary as he commented on the batter as it formed: "It looks really smooth . . . And look, now it's white with the milk! It's going yellow again . . . and now it's all lumpy!". It was quite fun to bake with someone who was so engaged and exhilarated by the whole process.

We made one loaf the traditional way, and I poured the glaze on top when it was cooked, and the other loaf? We mixed in some frozen blueberries for an extra hit of colour and good fruit flavor. The boys gobbled it up with cream cheese for snack, and declared it delicious.

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