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Sample Menu

Following the Waldorf tradition, we enjoy simple, wholesome food prepared from natural ingredients. Our menu changes to incorporate seasonal produce, and we follow this reliable rhythm:






Morning Snack

Cheese, crackers, and cucumbers

Hummus, rye crackers, fresh vegetables

Nut butter, rice cakes, raisins

Whole grain oat cereal, milk fruit


Sandwiches (tuna salad with broccoli-cheese salad)

Homemade soup (lentil-vegetable with toast)

Vegetarian (spinach-cheese quiche and sweet peppers

Meat (whole grain pasta with meatballs and tomato sauce)

Afternoon Snack

Corn chips, salsa, milk

Homemade muffins, cream cheese, fruit

Edamame, pretzels, vegetables

Cheese, pretzels, vegetables

This is our winter menu; in the summer months we enjoy cooler, more portable foods as we regularly enjoy picnics at nearby parks and green spaces. The main dish changes; what appears in brackets is an example of what we may enjoy that day.

As some members of my family are lactose intolerant, there is always a dairy-free option, and because fruit juice is often highly processed and full of sugar, we enjoy fresh fruit daily instead. Water is offered at each snack, and milk is often offered at lunch time. I am very conscious of protein, and make sure it is present in different forms at each snack and meal we share. 

I alternate common, child-friendly foods with opportunities to try new and unique things. I do not offer alternative meals, but rarely serve casserole-type food, so the child will usually have between three and four items to choose from. I do not insist that a child try something, but I will ask that they eat what they are served before enjoying more of their favorites. This promotes gastrointestinal health as well as ensuring that the children receive a well-balanced diet. Occasionally, I will offer less nutritious choices, like home-baked cookies or cake and chips (for a birthday). These are always offered at the same time as other, more healthy foods, to avoid giving any food a higher status, which helps promote healthy eating habits for life. 

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